Dulcis in Fiore is the ambitious idea of three young people that is realized, that is to relaunch and enhance, both from the agri-food and historical-cultural point of view, some typical Calabrian dry sweets, but above all the local sweet symbol, the pitta ‘mpigliata, which deserves to regain all its historical identity and its nutritional characteristics.
The bond and team spirit that characterize our team are the fundamental secrets for the success of this project which is taking shape now, but which has emerged over years of preparation, study and commitment.
We like to point out that we are young, but not unprepared or inexperienced. We have simply put together our personal peculiarities, to build something serious, with attention to detail and of excellent quality.
The almost twenty-year experience of an operator in the bakery and bakery products sector, combined with the expertise of a doctor in Food Science and Technology with work experience in the pastry sector, could not be ignored.
So after years of friendship and sharing ideas, a third person, a young engineer, proposed a project idea, also using his own management and technical-administrative support skills, finding full support and availability.

The Dulcis in Fiore company aims to enhance its products, leveraging on the following fundamental aspects:

The production process requires a strict and constant safeguard of the quality that originates in the choice of excellent raw materials; after which, the standardization of the production process is fundamental, allowed, in addition to the skill of the operators, by the choice of highly innovative, technological and performing equipment, which allow to obtain products that are perfectly identical to each other, and all in perfect line with what the idea and the original recipe. This avoids the risk of a product being different from another, both in terms of organoleptic perceptions and in terms of nutritional values.

The focus is therefore on obtaining high quality products while fully respecting tradition; products that too often have been brutalized by operators in the sector already present, who, captured by the urge to sell, have gradually used second or third choice raw materials; they have also greatly reduced the quantity of some more expensive raw material, which strongly characterizes that product, deviating from the original recipe, altering and diminishing its image, organoleptic characteristics and nutritional properties.
In fact, the countless benefits that some key ingredients have on the body should not be forgotten and therefore, although they are confectionery products, it is not negligible that they also have functional, healthy and nutritional features added.  Just think of dried fruit, the undisputed queen above all of the pitta ‘mpigliata, the spearhead of the company.

Innovation takes shape also and above all in the creation of digital distribution channels that allow the company, products and their history to be presented and sponsored everywhere, even beyond national borders, thanks to a Made in Italy that is certainty of taste. and quality, but also and above all strong of the Made in San Giovanni in Fiore tradition.

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